Aerodromes Technical Body meeting (ADR.TEB) 01-2023

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The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is holding its first Aerodromes meeting in 2023 with its Member States advisory body (ADR.TEB). This meeting is intended to provide information on the latest developments and initiatives in the aviation safety field, as well as to discuss and exchange ideas on the current challenges facing the EASA and its Member States in the field of aerodromes. The ADR.TEB is responsible for providing advice and assistance to the EASA in the development and implementation of safety regulations, standards and guidance documents for aerodromes. The meeting will also provide an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss and review current and future regulations and standards. The EASA website provides more information about the EASA advisory bodies, as well as information on upcoming meetings and other events. This meeting is an important step in ensuring that the EASA and its Member States are well informed and prepared to meet the challenges of the aviation industry and to ensure the safety of the European airspace.

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