European_Academia @EASA conference 2023 – In-person event

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The European_Academia@EASA conference 2023 has the aim of developing partnerships between the Agency and European Universities and academia, while advancing and disseminating knowledge in new and emerging fields relevant to aviation such as:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in aviation
    • Development of applications integrated into civil aviation products along EASA AI roadmap, incl. validation and verification solutions
  • Impact of climate change and extreme weather phenomena on the air transport system
    • Methodologies and tools for assessing the impact of changes to weather phenomena on civil air transport system components and operations
  • Environmental sustainability (emissions, noise, air quality, other nuisance,..)
    • Methodologies and tools to assess the impact of aviation products and operations and the proposed mitigations
  • New approaches and methods for safety risk management
    • New methods, tools to support safety analysis, risk identification and management

PhD students from European universities and research entities have been invited to submit an abstract presenting their project with relevance to the areas of interest listed above.

More information for students is available on our website on ‘Call for abstract’ page. The deadline to submit an abstract is September 30, 2022.

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